City Hall is located at 405 Larue Avenue, and is open Monday – Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to noon.

Public Records Request

The Office of the City Clerk is the City of Edgewood’s custodian of public records, where all official records of the City of Edgewood are routinely created, sent, received and maintained.

La oficina de la Secretaria Municipal es custodio de la ciudad de Edgewood de registros publicos, donde todos los registros oficiales de la ciudad de Edgewood son rutinariamente creados, enviados, recibidos y mantenidos.

City Hall
405 Larue Avenue
Edgewood, FL 32809
(407) 851-2920
Bea L. Meeks, MMC, CPM, CBTO
City Clerk

Lt. Vince Jackson is the City of Edgewood’s custodian of public records, where all official records of the City of Edgewood’s Police Department are routinely created, sent, received and maintained.

Lt. Vince Jackson es custodio de la ciudad de Edgewood de registros publicos, donde todos los registros oficiales del Departamento de policia de la ciudad de Edgewood son rutinariamente creados, enviados, recibidos y mantenidos.

City of Edgewood Police Department
5565 S. Orange Avenue
Edgewood, FL 32809
(407) 851-2820
Lt. Vince Jackson

Edgewood Residential Waste Management Information

Schedule of services, effective June 1, 2015

  • Monday – household and yard waste
  • Wednesday – recyclables
  • Thursday – household waste and large bulk items

Yard Waste – Please ensure loose items such as pine needles, leaves, small twigs, palm fronds and tree/shrub trimmings are containerized in reusable garbage cans, 40-gallon or less.

Branches and limbs must be bundled and tied and can be no longer than 4 feet in length, 24 inches in diameter, less than 50 pounds in weight, separated from other solid waste and must be stacked uniformly within 5 feet of your curb.

Large Bulk Items – Request pick-up for large bulk items.  Waste Management will not pick up refrigerators, AC equipment or other items with Freon or hazardous waste.  Please call staff at Edgewood City Hall at 407-851-2920 to make arrangement for pickup or if you have any questions.

Request A Light Repair

Duke Energy maintains numerous outdoor lights in the City of Edgewood.  To help promote safety and security in public areas, you may go to the Duke Energy website to report if an outdoor light or streetlight is out or not working properly.  If there is a hazardous condition such as a wire hanging low or lying on the ground, please call Duke immediately at 800.228.8485.

Watering Restrictions

Know Your Days

Mandatory lawn watering restrictions specify the days when you may water. These days depend on whether you have an odd or even numbered address, and the time of year.  All of Orange County is to follow the St. Johns restrictions. For more information visit the St. Johns River Water Management District Page at

Permitting & Inspections Process

As of October 24th, 2005 all permitting and inspection services for the City of Edgewood were outsourced through an inter-local agreement, to the Orange County Building Department.

How does the permitting process work?

  • Step 1 – Submission of ‘all’ permit applications must be presented to Edgewood City Hall for preliminary review and approval. Depending on the type of permit being applied for depends on if a payment for review will be required.  Should you have any questions please contact City Hall, you may reach City Hall staff at 407-851-2920.
  • Step 2 – Once the City of Edgewood has performed a preliminary review of the permit application and found it to be in compliance with City code requirements, the application will receive City approval via a zoning stamp and sign off.  However, should the permit application require our Engineer’s review the submittal package will then be forwarded to the City Engineer for review and comments.
  • Step 3 – Once the application is approved/stamped, the applicant/contractor will then submit the stamped/approved permit application to the Orange County Building Department.  The County will issue the actual permit and perform any/all required inspections.

Should you have any questions after reviewing this information, please contact City Hall staff for assistance.

Code of Ordinances

In 2006, the City of Edgewood Code of Ordinances were re-codified into an electronic format.  Please click on the link below to search the city code.

City of Edgewood Online Ordinances

Code Enforcement

The City currently operates with the help of a Special Code Enforcement Magistrate, who is a practicing local attorney.  Code violations which are not adequately addressed by the property owner per the code enforcement officer’s direction, are referred to a special hearing.  During this hearing, the code enforcement officer and the property owner present their positions on the code violation.  After hearing and evaluating both parties input, the Special Code Enforcement Magistrate renders a ruling, which is final.

If you have a question, comment, or wish to report a Code Enforcement issue, please email Code Enforcement Inspector Debbie Cabales, or call her at 407-851-2820.

Some Common Examples Of Code Violations Reported In The City….

  • Example 1:   Storing commercial vehicles in residentially zoned areas.  Code does not permit commercial vehicles to be stored (over 24 hours) at a residentially zoned property.
  • Example 2:   Parking  of recreational vehicles (e.g. motor homes, trailers, boats) improperly on driveways, or in other locations in front of a home.  Code requires these vehicles to be parked within a garage or carport, or behind the front wall of the building when stored for more than 24 hours.
  • Example 3:   Failure to maintain property in a presentable condition free of trash, weeds and grass over 12 inches in height.
  • Example 4:   Operating a business without a City occupational license.  An Edgewood occupational license is required for ‘all’ entities doing business within the City, including all home based businesses.


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