2017 Road Improvements

The 2017 road improvements at Orange Ave/Gatlin/Holden are on schedule.   Underground utility work should be finished by July 1st. Road widening should be completed by November 1st.  New traffic light signal poles are being installed and the continuous GREEN light southbound on Orange Avenue is being replaced with a standard traffic signal.   Plus, the traffic signal will now be in sync with the railroad traffic.

When will the train horns go away?   SunRail has given a start date of June 2017 for work to begin on the Quiet Safety Zone.

I would like to thank a new Edgewood business, Gold Key Roofing, for the improvements made to their frontage along Orange Avenue.  Longtime Edgewood business, Majestic Marble, has also started improvements at their Orange Avenue location.  Many thanks to those businesses for taking an interest in improving the Edgewood District’s business curb appeal!

The Planning and Zoning Board and City Council are looking at Edgewood’s  current allowed and future land uses along Orange Avenue.  Here is your opportunity to share improvements you would like to see in the City. We will mail out a survey this summer to all residential and commercial property owners. Please share your thoughts and return the survey once you receive it.