Fiscal Year 2021/2022
Annual Budget Message

     I am pleased to present a fiscally balanced budget to City Council.  The city budget is a fiscal plan setting out anticipated revenues and expenditures which guide the services and policies we implement during the fiscal year. It lays the groundwork for our community’s goals and accomplishments while we continue to be debt-free.   

     Last year we experienced the first impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has affected our personal lives and presented challenges on how the city responds to our residents and businesses.  I am pleased to say that through the process, Edgewood has kept essential services, such as police, roads and waste management at the expected level of service. During 2020-2021 the city resurfaced nearly half of our residential streets. I hope that you have enjoyed the improvements to our neighborhoods.

     That being said, as expected, revenues are down, and the pandemic changed how we conduct our lives.  You will see that reflected in this year’s budget.  City Council and city staff have been going through the budget line-by-line to see where we can cut any waste.  Last year we tightened our belts, and this year we will stretch some more. The Council and I are working toward a budget that does not raise tax rates.  We are cutting or delaying some spending and using reserves to make up the difference.  These are extraordinary times that justify using “rainy day funds” in the short run.      

     It’s not over yet, but we can already see the market is recovering, and homes are retaining their values.  While there are still some unknowns as we work through the budget process, the city will continue to be fiscally responsible, maintain our debt-free status, and practice fiscal conservatism.

     I look forward to seeing all who are interested in the budget workshops and during City Council meetings, and I encourage you to be part of this process.  Workshops and public hearing dates and times are posted on the city’s website at 

                                                                                                                                            John Dowless